Environmental Selfie Imagining

1st week of November 2015


Where in Paris?
Look out for a someone looking a bit like the guy in the picture, without the pine-apple, in: ..and other places that operate as intervals, as being in-between.
A guy in a picture?

A bit in the following text, and more to follow. Hope it helps. ;)
Though making and sharing a process of imagining an environmental selfie, I will be developing the practice collaboratively with members of the public across Paris, raising questions of how we imagine environments to Be. The practice of making selfies seem to highlight visibilities of the individual. Self portraiture via mass technology. This high visibility will be used to imagine the environment taking selfies, having its own control over its own portrayal. If there is an environment outside of us? If each cluster, network, system type and category is its own environment? If environments are individuals? If environments are links between entities? In short - How do we imagine environments as Beings? Using a skateboard, I will be going to chat with people in Public transport, in queues, in shops, in supermarkets, markets and on roads. These conversations will be archived and shared openly.